Reported Types of Haunting: Fabrikgeist




Sometimes referred to affectionately as Old-Jack-of-Trades.

Has familiars, often taking the form of machinery animated

without explanation, or a singular, lonesome whistling.


The shop floor is purgatory. The spirit can only be exorcised

by the removal of blueprints, the emptying of lockers

and the smelting of several thousand taps, dies and drills.


This spirit has a mischievous sense of humour

which has been broken by three decades of rain, rust,

and under-investment, and is prone to haunting sites


of last employment. It cannot be bottled by priest, policeman

or doctor. Its presence is signified by greasy overalls, missing tea cups,

or footprints from a pair of safety boots, leading nowhere.



This poem was previously published in Anon magazine (issue 8) in Summer 2011.


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